Hot Wing Sauce

Let me first say I apologize for inundating you with yet another hot wing sauce recipe.  Most of what I see out there is simply Red Hot hot sauce and butter with some garlic and salt to taste.  Mine is different.  Let me show you.

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White Chocolate Cream Cheese Topping

The other night I found myself craving cream cheese frosting so I took to Pinterest to look for frosting recipes I’d saved (hurray for actually using saved pins!).  After searching for a while I came across this recipe.  It used heavy whipping cream and not very much sugar so it intrigued me.  I’ve made an almond buttercream before and it used so much confectioner’s sugar.  I wanted to avoid that if I could.  Also, me being me, I had to figure out how to add white chocolate to it.  Well I decided to substitute the granulated sugar for confectioner’s sugar.  Somehow I thought that would make the whipped frosting thicker (I don’t like the texture of whipped frosting) but nope.  I have since found out that confectioner’s sugar thins, not thickens.  So it doesn’t act like flour?  Who knew?  Either way, the taste was a hit and most people liked or didn’t mind the consistency.  I, however, was not pleased.  After giving it some thought I decided it would make a great fruit dip.  It’s creamy like yogurt a not at all too sweet.  I made it again and it turned out even better.

cream cheese topping 6

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White Hot Chocolate with Cardamom

It’s the time of year where no one will question my desire for a cup of hot chocolate.  Well, not like I really need an excuse, but you know.  White chocolate is my absolute favorite and I’m always trying new ways to eat it.  Someone told me straight out of the bag isn’t the best of ideas.  Oops?

White Hot Chocolate 13

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Chai Tea Latte Concentrate

So a few weeks ago I got a taste for a chai tea latte.  Yes I know it’s hot but you can drink this cold, too, if you wanted.  I try to go to the site where I wrote the blog and low and behold the site is no longer.  Imagine my disappointment.  Since that site doesn’t exist any longer I’ve decided to bring it and a few of my other blogs from them over here.  Please note that this recipe is a concentrate and is NOT made to be drunken on it’s own.  It’s made so that when milk is added the flavor of the chai tea isn’t lost.  I originally wrote this circa December 2013.

chai tealatte concentrate

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Egg Roll Crackers with Garlic Oil

I made egg rolls for the first time a few weeks ago and they turned out AMAZING.  However, I will have to find a new sauce with which to eat them because sweet and sour sauce just has too much salt (I’ve been cutting out processed food and I can taste the salt in SO MANY things now).  Since I had a package of egg roll wraps left over I decided to do something else with them and came up with this.  They make the perfect appetizer.


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